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Courtenay, Molly, Flannery

Courtenay, Flannery

Flannery, Molly, Courtenay

Courtenay, Flannery and Molly

Molly, Courtenay & Flannery

The oldest (or wisest) sister.  We call her our "Creative Director."  Teacher by trade.  Mother of 3 beautiful girls.  Married to her college sweetheart.

The middle sister.  Our IT Director and brilliant writer.   She's a nerdy librarian.  Mother to 3 spunky girls.  Met her hubby in a bar.

The baby.  The crafty sister & wannabe party planner.  Oncology nurse by day.  Mother to 2 active boys & a troublesome boxer.  Met her husband on Match.com.

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