May 13, 2010

Fabric Goodness

Take a little peak at this Fabric Goodness that came in the mail today.
Gosh, I love etsy. From the comfort of my own home,
I shop,
I click,
I use Paypal,
hardly have to move a muscle,
and Ta Da!
Mark, the mailman, drops this at my front door within a few days.
Those Etsy people like to ship fast, too.
Speaking of Etsy...
we're gettin' there...
Many of you have asked.
We're working on it.
But, I digress...
Back to this lovely Riley Blake fabric...
isn't it pretty?
Just need to get dinner, homework, baths and bedtime done
a little QT with the hubs
and I can head up to my sewing corner
and whip up some goodies.

Check back soon to see what I create!

If you love fabric like I do and are curious to know more...
head here to find out more about the awesome Riley Blake.

For the Lassies:

For the Lads:
(look familiar?)