June 24, 2010

My Day in a Nutshell

After an exhausting first week of summer (its Thursday and yes, the week isn't even over yet), I've decided on a photographic essay of sorts to describe my day because a) my children have almost sent me over the edge this week--what's with the first week blues?!; and b) my head is a scrambled up mess of thoughts because yet again, I've overextended myself and completely jampacked my summer.  It's a bad habit.  

I'll start with my preparations for our first ever family camping trip (and my very first, too).  A virgin voyage, of sorts.  What the heck was I thinking?  So, I've spent my days this week, gathering supplies: 

When really what I should be doing is sewing these gorgeous dresses for our upcoming trunk show: 

And yes, while I love to sew, sometimes its more fun to sew spur of the moment and on a creative impulse rather than because you HAVE to.  So, what I'd rather be sewing...really...is a skirt to match Mary Larkin's birthday t-shirt that I made her for her third birthday party next week: 

And, I'd love to be putting together a shift dress with this fabulous bright white pique fabric my mother-in-law found me: 

But, alas, it was hard to sew with three kids hanging on me so I chose, instead, to find a mutually entertaining activity and so we made oatmeal butterscotch craisin cookies, of which I've eaten approximately ten.  And some batter, too.  If you haven't decided to make these cookies by the time this sentence ends, you are just plain crazy.  Here's the recipe.  Thank you Cheryl at Cookin' Duncan Style.

While I ate my ten delicious cookies, I stared at the pile of laundry that needed folding...and just. didn't. do. it.  Now it probably needs a good de-wrinkling in the dryer.  Don't you hate that?

Post cookies, the girls made a perfect mess in my living room while I cleaned up our cookie mess in the kitchen. 

And because she is #3, Ginger waited patiently in her swing while I finished cleaning up BOTH messes. Entranced by Fisher Price fish.  Nice!

Finally, I returned to my packing, making sure to include the S'mores ingredients. 

All the while wishing I was seeing my nieces this weekend instead of having to wait until next weekend for the July 4th celebration in Paoli, PA!    Because look at them, aren't they cute?! 
 (Baby is mine--she's cute, too.)

The End. 


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Molly Hammond said...

you are such a good mom, flann! i can't wait to hear about the camping trip (ps, we are coming next year!).

Courtenay Homan said...

Great post! Have fun camping (you're crazy) and see you next week!