October 4, 2010

October 2010

There's nothing worse than a blogger who has sporadic blog posts. Sheesh, I hope you didn't give up on us! It's been a bit hectic around Three Sisterz land. We have 5 little girls who started back up with school this September, one little guy who started daycare (we call it 'school') and one little baby girl who, well, she just needs her momma to hold her.

This does mean there has been a *little* less sewing/blogging going on, but we're still going strong and lining up several Fall/Winter/Christmas Fairs for the next couple of months. Not to mention we've got a steady stream of requests for dresses and onesies and such keeping us busy. And, oh yes, I went to Paris. It.was.heavenly. Thanks to all my friends and my sister Molly who held down the fort so I could go!

Here are some pictures just to keep the post interesting and I promise!! to have pictures up tomorrow of what's been cooking in the studio!

Luxembourg Gardens
the NEW inspiration for my garden

The Eiffel Tower
So much prettier in person.
Did not go up because of my severe
fear of heights,
but enjoyed it from below with
a chocolate ice cream.

more Luxembourg Gardens

The Kiss by Auguste Rodin

more Luxembourg Gardens

Taking the double decker tour of Paris
I LOVED it! Saw all the sites and got a feel for the area.
Then we went back and visited our faves.

Can't go to Paris without seeing the Mona Lisa
in the Louvre.

Thanks for visiting. Please come back again!

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