October 26, 2010

Some nostalgic inspiration....

You know how you see something and think, "Now why the heck didn't I think of that?!"  Well, on a recent day trip to Stockbridge, MA, I found these in a cute little gift shop: necklaces made from Scrabble pieces and lego men:

And then were these earrings made from Monopoly pieces displayed on Monopoly cards:

I can't really say I wish I'd thought of these.  I mean, really, can I imagine myself picking out my outfit in the morning and thinking, "Hmm...what do I want this morning?  A house by the Reading Railroad or a hotel on Oriental Ave?"  No, I really can't.  BUT, it is inspiring that somewhere out there a creative soul came up with these and an even braver soul out there is donning them.  So, take this as a little inspiration, motivation perhaps, that you truly can create something out of anything.  And it can make you feel awfully nostalgic while you are at it!

Oh, and while you are feeling inspired, check out the Berkshire Creative initiative, which is creating collaboration between artists and local businesses in the region.  Very cool!

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cleverlyinspired said...

What a clever idea ;) I love that!!!!