November 2, 2010

Pick a pin, any pin!

Okay, so I was going to hold off on this post until next week.  You know, try and stretch out my creative madness since it ebbs and flows these days.  BUT, I'm in some serious accessorizing heaven at the moment.  And I'm having some serious bloggy blog love with Vintage Pollyanna.  We got together last night to do some cross-bloggin-craftin-chattin.  It is seriously so much more fun to craft with someone else who a) you admire their abilities; and b) you like their sense of style and artiste.

So here is what I made yesterday.  I'm in love.  My OCD (and the dark roast coffee) kept me up until past midnight wanting to do more.  (Stupid when I have three sick kids and one sick hubbo.)

Here is it modeled after Plumtickled's Rosette tutorial.  It goes against my need to sew a straight line but I love the finished product so.  Seriously, am I the only type A sewer/crafter that is hating the gathered ruffles thing?  Love the look, hate the process.
Here it is adding some spice to a jean jacket.
And a little bit of color to a gray top. Can it get any cuter?!

Um, yes it can.  Look at it on a bag!

Another up close shot because you need to see it again.  Well, really, I need to because I lovingly (slightly begrudgingly?) handed over to Vintage Pollyanna.  It looked too good on her.


cleverlyinspired said...

love these! sharing on fb

Allison said...

Thanks for my pin!! I LOVE IT!