January 5, 2011

Finds: Yellow & Turquoise is my new black

When I saw this fabric in Court's stash, I got excited. 
When she sent me a picture of the finished project, I almost got giddy.  
My color combo fascination has now switched from red and tiffany blue to:
YELLOW and tiffany blue.

A Three Sisterz original (coming soon to you)

Wedding invitations?  I always wanted to get married at the beach--these from Carlin Card Creations would be perfect.
Hey honey, want to renew our vows this year?

These booties are pretty much perfect.  Just perfect.  

Right down to the packaging, Itty Bitty Baby's hair clip is so sweet and would be perfect with our new dress.

A pretty little paper box for a party favor--fill it with candies.
And of course we have to explore how this would look in our homes.  I love this office by Mark Lund because it's still my comfort zone: traditional and somewhat neutral but with these new pops of color.
 Makes it look like spring has sprung!

Do you have any turquoise and yellow in your house?


Jen said...

Might just be rethinking the colors for Adela's next bedroom design (whenever that day comes). See ya pink and lime green...

Anonymous said...

interesting yellow & touquoise - I like it! I thought I was mixing it up by sewing a turquoise & red dress last summer!