January 21, 2011

Thou Shall Covet: I.C.E.

**We did it!  We did it!  We came up with a name for our "Finds" posts:  Thou Shall Covet.  Because lets face it, there's a lot out there we covet and that inspires us...wish we could have it all!  

Thou Shall Covet....all things ICE.

Twenty-ish inches of SNOW covered in an inch or so of ICE and now it's snowing again as I type.  I usually am depressed by this point in the winter but I'm making the most of it.  Today I'm finding inspiration in all of the snow and ice.

Have you seen Meet the Dubien's?  She has the best crafts!  I've always wanted to make snow cones or snow cream but didn't know how to do it.  This snow ice cream looks so easy and dare I say....yummy?

Here's another *cutie* Meet the Dubien's craft--ring pop rings!  Felt?  Check.  Buttons?  Check. Glue?  Check.  Ring Pops?  After Target run today-Check.  The girls will love this on our next snow day. 
It's known far and wide that R.E.D. is my favorite color.
Look at these pins with the red (she calls it ruby-ahh) with the milky white.  Yum.
Question is, do I buy these or me or for Eleanor?  

Holy throw back.  Anybody?  Anybody?  
I think we had these poms on our roller skates.
I can still remember how they felt to hold them in my hand.  

I am a sucker for vintage and chunky jewelry.  
The all white and metal monochrome here is doin it for me.
Check out Hot Rocks for a "touch of vintage with modern edge." (Love that saying, by the by.)

Oh wow--stunning isn't it?  Especially with the pale pink ribbon.   It really is awfully sweet and would look so good on me (dare I say?).
Men should shop Etsy for Valentine's Day , don't you think?
Check out JealousCat and her Jack Frost necklace.

These are cutouts sold for the all kinds of craftiness--bottlecap pendants and hairbows, those little glass magnets, etc.  I've never done any of those types of crafts, but I was just drawn to the fresh take on winter colors--pink and gray.  Maybe I'll be inspired to try something new?

And lastly, I'm not so much coveting these as I NEED them.  
Chains for my running shoes.  It's just too long a winter to spend on the treadmill.



Admitted Fabricaholic said...

those Skate Poms are AWESOME!!!! I want to wear them, like right now. Do you think they can go on my Timberlands and still look cute...what about the Uggs? lol

Flannery Buchanan said...

Oh my gosh that just made me laugh out loud! Aren't they awesome?!

Jill said...

Thank-you so much for featuring a couple of my crafts!