February 17, 2011

Confessions of A (New) Mom

I became a mother for the first time to a sweet baby boy in June 2010 and THESE are my confessions... :)

Drive-Thru's are the Best.Invention.Ever.
I never used to frequent fast food restaurants, let alone their drive-thru's. But, now!? I'm going through a drive-thru window almost daily. They are a "must have" when you you have children in the car! My only complaint is that my neighborhood does not have a drive-thru Dunkin Donuts OR Starbucks. I won't be picky on this one - I'll take either at this point!

I recently used a Victoria's Secret gift card to buy sweatpants.
(I know, I know - this is pretty bad! My apologies to B, my husband.)

I still sleep with my yellow baby blanket.
A couple weeks ago, when our cleaning lady came, she mistakenly thought it was C's blankie (or "lovey" as the Flannery's girls call it) and folded up & put it "back" in his crib. I'm not going to tell her that it's mine.

I don't make C's baby food. And sometimes, he eats non-organic food.
I had full intentions of making his baby food, however, when I gave him some sweet potatoes that I "made," he gagged. And anyway, who has the time OR the energy to do this?!

The other night, while I was making dinner checking my email, I looked over to check on C, who was in the sunroom and he was elbow deep in Payton's dog food...and he had some of it in his mouth.
Ew. Ew. Ew. I thought the bowl was high enough to be out of his reach, but I was wrong! He has learned, in the last couple weeks, how to get up on his knees. Soon he will be pulling himself up...and then walking...and then riding a bike...and then kissing girls...and going to college. Oy!

I'm drinking 2+ cups of coffee every morning.
I know it's not that much, but I never even used to DRINK coffee. I feel like Lindsay Lohan...gotta get it under control.

Okay, these are MY confessions! I don't think I'm alone, so tell me moms, what are YOUR confessions?!


Colleen said...

Haha - I laughed when I read a few of these. My confessions are:
1) I also frequent the drive thrus. I started at Dunkin when we moved here, but somehow have found my way over to Starbucks too often lately. And I use the fact that the kids have been sick and up at night as an excuse for needing a sweet, espresso-filled yummy coffee, rather than the regular stuff at DD! I also think they need a drive thru window at the post office.
2) I have never made baby food for either of my girls. Ever.
3) I gave Phoebe Sarah's Buzz doll in the car yesterday while she was crying and she chewed the eye off (painted eye.) And then I lied and told Sarah he fell out of the car and I stepped on him rather than tell her Phoebe had anything to do with it. I feel so guilty - about the Chinese paint and Sarah's Buzz! But he does look cute with a Dora bandaid on his face. ;)

Three Sisterz said...

colleen, i'm laughing so hard about buzz! that's hysterical! ~molly

Rebecca said...

1. I am in the car, parked in the driveway. Both kids asleep. Me? On laptop working.

2. Barbie, gifted to our daughter when we asked not to give her one, is in the freezer. Warning to other Barbies that this is not the house for them.

3. My 3.5 year old knows the difference between on-demand and Netflix and can load DVDs on her own.

4. Drive-thrus? Love 'em. Had led to hot chocolate addiction as our Starbucks doesn't have one.

5. Our cleaning lass has found worse things!

Flannery Buchanan said...

Sometimes I ignore my children while I am blogging.
I let the baby cry just a few minutes loner in the crib so I can blog just a little bit longer or play with picasa or put on makeup or just about anything!
I eat my dinner and then I nibble on theirs (that's just gross) and use the excuse of nursing and being a runner.
I've tried making baby food and it just seemed so gross. So do the jarred brown peas for that matter so a lot of "green" comes after i can give it to them whole. (bad mommy, bad mommy)
Sometimes I tell the girls "its coming" when in actuality its not and this can be all kinds of things--dinner, a toy, etc.
Sometimes I get irritated and snap at them and then I feel bad and hope those aren't the moments they remember.:(

Flannery Buchanan said...

OMG, Rebecca when I was pregnant with Eleanor Garland had a strict order of nothing PRINCESS. I am sure Barbie was included. What a distant memory......:)

And Colleen, I LIE to my children on a regular basis if it relieves me of something....like listening to crying!

matty said...

You guys are funny.
I have been driving the less-than-a-mile to pick my 4 year old up from school and leaving an hour early so the babies will sleep in the car. Then I park outside his school and listen to XM radio.
I snuggle the babies up in their stroller for almost every nap. Even if I am just going to plop on couch and watch TV. They may never nap in their cribs again.
I bribe my 4 year old all. the. time. It's the only way I can get him to cooperate sometimes.
And I have started telling people, "No, they are not twins." If asked I tell them they are 4 months apart. If they do not realize that my same-size babies, who are always dressed in coordinated outfits, and sitting side-by-side in the stroller are twins, then they deserve it.

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

congratulations what a gorgeous boy you have, my baby boy is now 11. It goes so quick savver every moment, remember the dishes can wait your time with your baby is precious