February 4, 2011

Easy Bird Feeder Tutorial--Use Whatcha Got!

Okay, so we are on our SEVENTH snow day here.  The roads are fine but the school building is leaking.  Nice.  We need some quickie crafts.  I'm all out of ideas and inspiration.  So...in light of that, I'm sharing with you this quickie project the girls did in preschool.  So easy, you probably have all of the ingredients (or if you are like me, you don't because your pantries are bare due to snow and puky kiddos).  Try it, we're calling on spring with this one.

--yarn (or some other tying mechanism)
Seriously, that's it.

Halve your bagels.  
Spread each side with buttah.
Cake it with birdseed.
Tie a piece of yarn on it to hang.

Done and done.  
Will the birds show?  
I'll let you know.  
Ooh..that rhymed.  (Gettin' a bit slap happy here folks.)

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