March 21, 2011

::Tutorial:: Quickie Stenciled Onesies

Looking for some cute onesies for your bebe or for a gift?  Here you go, friends.
We recently stumbled upon fabric paint--fabulous, easy, quick!  
(The quicker and easier, the better, yes?) 

--fabric paint
--small brush
--onesies or t-shirts

Start by putting a piece of cardboard or anything flat & weighted under the top piece of the onesie.  This will give you a nice, flat surface.

Here are the stencils we chose--this was for baby Coleman so we had to encourage soccer, yes?

Place your stencil on the onesie. 
(We used a stencil with adhesive but you could just as easily go the freezer paper route.)

Pull your stencil away from the onesie.  
We did this right after painting; we did not wait for it to dry.

Seriously--remember when we said quick?  We meant it.

Maybe he'll be into hoops?

Or perhaps baseball?

Either way, he'll be precious in his new onesies!


Kimberlee said...

Those look easy, and very cute when finished.

Flannery Buchanan said...

Thanks Kimberlee!! We're all about super easy! :)