June 7, 2011

Can't. Stop. Pinning.

I keep seeing similar posts in the blogosphere.  Can't.Stop.Pinning. Pin Addiction. My Last 5 Pins.  You get that point.  It's HOT and it is simply addictive.  I do love the internet, blogging, technology in general but there are some things that just have not caught with me.  Like Twitter.  Or social bookmarking like Del.i.cious.  I mean, I get the reason for them, but they just don't stick with me.  Pinterest.  Um, yeah, think it might stick.  You go on your home page and you can see what all of your friends are pinning!  So its insta-inspiration from the getgo.  

A Pin from Pinterest A Pin from Pinterest A Pin from Pinterest
A Pin from Pinterest
A Pin from Pinterest
More pins on Pinterest

Anyway, if you haven't tried it, try it.  See what you think and let us know.  Oh, and if you ARE already on Pinterest....find me--FlanneryB.  I'm there and lookin' for friends!


Just Jaime said...

I'm addicted too!

Pam said...

I couldn't find you on pinterest. I am loving it too. Another addiction I don't have time for!

Ali said...

I added you on Pinterest. Looking forward to your pins. (Thanks for pinning my pecan bars, btw) :)

Flannery @ Three Sisterz said...

Pam-->I'm FlanneryB. Find me!! And, Ali, just added you, too. Fun!

Gina Trexler said...

I can't find you on Pinterest, either. I've searched FlanneryB --> nothing.

Flannery @ Three Sisterz said...

Hmm....is it case sensitive?!


Sorry! Let me know if this works, tho.