June 5, 2011

::WOOT WOOT:: Start of Farmers Market Season!

It was a gorgeous Sunday here in Chi-town to kick off Farmers Market season. 
I gotta say, it's incredibly easy to find inspiration when you are strolling around, checking out the fresh foods, baked goods, flowers, greens, etc. 
I could have taken pictures all day along.  Oh, and a little shout out to one of our most loyal readers who I happened to see at market today--Ann, can I get a woot woot?
I do love when a friend makes a comment to me that makes me realize *someone* out there actually reads our blog.  You know like, "hey, love the new banner!"

The mushrooms stopped me dead in my tracks.  
Can you say Giada's wild mushroom and pea risotto?

This picture goes without saying.  Seriously?  
These *might* be as pretty as my wedding day flowers.  Might.

I'm always on the hunt for local fare.  Could be in the form of the Mexican paletas down at the lake front, the Wisconsin cheese curds, OR possibly fish straight from Lake Michigan.  I am dying to try the walleye.

The gentleman farmer.  Does he wear bow ties and seersucker suits?
Which, btw, I totally bought my hub a seersucker suit shortly after we were married.  Like, maybe the week we got home from our honeymoon?

Jake's Country Meats had some serious homemade ham/pork jerky.
Can I just assume that it's healthy because it's labeled gluten free?

Now, the peonies were $5/bunch.  A steal, right?  The problem, see, is that we were short on cash from a fun night the night before.  So.......it was the peonies or the Vietnamese spring rolls and iced coffee?  Food won out.  Is that bad?

I mean, would you have turned these bad boys down?
Or, as the hubby always says, "She can eat crackers in my bed."

Ruh-roh.  The toy store by the farmers market had Ugly Dolls.


God Bless the farmers market and the sun and time with the fam.  Even if it means an ugly doll in exchange for no complaints.


Maggie @ Midwestern {Sewing} Girl said...

Love. next time you invite me, you hear?

Flannery @ Three Sisterz said...

Maggie--be careful what you wish for;)!!