July 11, 2011

Silhouette Heat Transfer for Baby Marco

So, it's busy here in Chicago--so busy that I have S.E.V.E.N. little girls staying at my house right now.  Three of mine, three of Court's and our good, good 9 year old friend from Massachusetts.  **THANK GOODNESS** I wrote this blog post a week or two ago in preparation........

When Georgia, one of our most loyal blog readers, shared that she was expecting a baby boy, my brain went into overdrive.  Usually with baby gifts, I try to give something either very classic (silver rattle anybody?) or something practical.  But with Georgia, I knew she would appreciate something Three Sisterz made.  

Enter: My Silhouette obsession.
I pretty much knew what I wanted to do right away.

I don't know why this idea popped itself into my brain.
Nevertheless, I thought collectively these onesies would be a nice addition to baby Marco's wardrobe.

I used the black heat transfer and shapes from the Silhouette store.
I've never really gotten the mustache thing, but then I made this and I was hooked.

Jumped ahead to Halloween and made a size 6 months.

And just a little bit further down the line a size 9 months turkey.

And for fun, a bike.  I'm mildly obsessed with all of the bikes I'm seeing in blogland.  
Actually, I'm mildly obsessed with a lot of things but we'll save that for another day, another spastic blog post.

And because we can't forget Momma, she gets some sweet cabochon earrings that is also my new obsession.  Thank you to SnapCrafty on Etsy.  Her shop is the B.O.M.B.

Congratulations to Georgia, Rob, and Sophia on their new addition.
What a treasure little Marco is!

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