August 29, 2011

If you're like us, you're running around town with kids in tow trying to get home before your big kids get off the bus, you stop in at Joann's to get the new Denyse Schmidt fabrics or general sewing supplies, and you realize you forgot to bring your coupons again! Grrr. Or you leave the coupon mailer on the counter and *somehow* it ends up in the trash! In my case, I go ahead and buy everything I need because I don't have time to come back later. Here's an easy solution: get the Joann app for your phone! It's free and you will always have your coupons with you!

The app is handy for locating stores, browsing for items OR getting coupons.

>Click on coupons> see all coupons>save this coupon to my wallet. When you are ready to purchase, go to >saved coupons in your wallet>pick the coupon that you want to use first and hand your phone to the sales associate to type in the coupon number.

Repeat for every coupon you want to use. Some of the coupons are different than what you get in the mailer, so you can use both as long as the last 3 numbers are different.

And with all the money you save, you can buy more fabric! Plus, there's an app for Michael's Craft Store too. Check it out.

And check out these pictures of poor Ken. He is sooo ready for my girls to go back to school. They broke his leg right off and then made a pair of crutches and a cast for him. Nothing a little toilet paper and skewers can't fix.

And this is how I found my oldest and youngest asleep the other night with Jessie tucked in there too. Wish I could freeze time!


Just Jaime said...

Ok, that Ken is hilarious! What a cute picture of your sleepin' girls!

Kristina @ A Home Made by Kiki said...

Poor Ken...that is so funny though!

Three Sisterz said...

thanks Ladies! I had to giggle too with what they did to Ken!