January 20, 2012

::Fabric on Friday::

happy friday, friends.
whew. i'm so glad to have made it through this week.
it's been a long one.

i love fridays.
we usually have sushi and a cocktail or two.
there's no homework to be done.
bed times can be relaxed.
friends come over.

ya know what else makes me happy?

one word: gingham.
that's right.
just gingham.
here's some new additions to my collection
that i purchased last week in lancaster, pa.

new gingham + vintage feedsack = love

even the scraps are cute.

i adore the bunnies on the selvedge.

a project just getting started...

do you love gingham too?
or stripes or polka dots?
or florals?
let me know what you like!


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