January 24, 2012

::If You Can't Say Something Nice...::

i have shared how much i like denyse schmidt fabric
and how i was excited to see her bringing her fabric
lines to joann's.
i've purchased a piece of each fabric,
even if it's just a quarter yard.
that being said, i've felt that the quality
of some of the more recent fabrics have not been
as decent as the fabrics that she first brought to Joann's.
now, i'm pretty realistic~ these are from Joann's
and not as high quality as other designers.
i get it.
but still, it's a disappointment.
and now she's got another cute line that's come out,
Aunt Edna,
and it's so darling.
but, well, i don't know.
i'm hesitant to go see it.
and from what i hear
the price is $12.99 a yard.
quite steep if you ask me.
of course, i could use a coupon.
but even with a coupon
it's still pricey.
i think i'll go take a peek and see.
these are quite adorable prints.
i love the name Aunt Edna, too.

i'm back from Chicagoland
and missing my sweet nieces.
time to get back to work!



JustPam said...

I think I may have just seen these at Joann's. I was shocked by the price and the quality. I had just come from a fabric outlet and got designer, high quality fabric for $5 a yard.

Three Sisterz said...

Pam~ thanks for sharing! I'm thinking I may need to venture to this fabric outlet of which you speak! Just saw the fabrics you purchased... cute!