January 7, 2012

::New in The Studio::

have you ever had an ear infection~ as an adult?
i've had fluid in my ears since mid-December
which is all out crazy annoying
but then one got infected
and now the other one is too.
lemme tell you, they are painful.
i literally can't get out of bed.
before it got too bad,
i made these custom cuties for
a new baby
and they're headed to Chicago
for a baby shower.

these baseballs are the most adorable things!
it might be my all time favorite boy fabric, ever.
but the turtles are pretty awesome too.
a matching burpcloth
makes this a great gift set.
i listed these in the shop
so hop on over and take a look.

i'm down for the count today
but i've started hand quilting
my lil' Christmas quilt.
shouldn't take me too long.

have a great Saturday.


1 comment:

Just Jaime said...

Adorable! Feel better!