February 7, 2012

::I Swear I'm Not...::

...an only child.

Lest you think this whole "Three Sisterz" thing is a sham,
I'm here today to tell you~
especially our newer readers~
that yes, Flannery and Molly do exist.

And yes, you are only seeing my name at the bottom
of posts these days.
Over and over and over.
But, it is what it is.
For now.
At least that's what they're telling me.

I miss my sisters because they live
so far away.
I miss my sisters because they are so busy
and can't talk as much.
I miss my sisters because I
toil away in my sewing room
and don't get a chance to show them what I'm
working on.
I miss my sisters' active input on the blog.
I miss Molly's cool projects.
I miss Flannery's witty posts.

But they are still here.
They are behind the scenes with me.
Giving opinions, making decisions, sharing ideas,
sending customers.
You may not see it directly,
but their influences are all over this
entire blog and business.

And I'm hoping soon
that when their lives become less busy
and less hectic
that they'll come back
and jump right in
where they left off.
Because I miss them.

And when they do I'll be here.
I'll be waiting.


1 comment:

Just Jaime said...

I miss my sisters too! Hope to have all the three sisterz posting soon!