July 23, 2012

::Three Sisterz Reunion Part Two::

Happy Monday, Friends!
This summer is flying by and I want to put the breaks on it.
Case in point, our Three Sisterz Reunion happened 
over a month ago and I haven't finished blogging 
about it yet.

Here's a quick video of the chaos, 
otherwise known as "dinner."
I'm sure Flannery will be thrilled with her close up
and yes, I've eluded the camera once again.
*note my daughter at the end giving me a preteen look*

Flannery and Molly decided to mix things up a bit
and make Sangria this visit.  It was unanimous~the Sangria was a hit.

Aunt Molly and Ginger B got some cuddle time in.
Molly and Ginger B

Molly's baby, Eamonn, was starting to laugh and react
to everyone, especially the kids.
A baby's laugh is the.best.sound.ever.
Baby Eamonn

These two are inseparable.
Love Bugs

What's summertime without a clambake?
And buttah.  Lots of buttah.

I know I'm biased, but how sweet are these faces?
Cousin's Bath

Double trouble.
Dinner with Ginger B and Coleman

I love the look on Eammon's face.
He looks so wise and knowing.
Colleen holding Eamonn

Fresh hydrangeas for the table and
votive lights that Flannery and Molly made for me.

**More pictures to come.**


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