August 14, 2012

Thou Shall Covet: Window Boxes

Hi, it's me.  Flann. Flannie. Flannery.  
I'm here, I swear.  I'm here reading Court and Molly's blogs; I'm here coveting the precious goods Court lists on Etsy. Usually, I'm reading and coveting at night when I'm dead tired. The kind of tired that I can't even think to pick up a book. Do you know that kind of tired?
That's been my life the last year and a half. I know, I know, I hate complainers too.  But I feel there is no other way to explain why I suck lately. Thing is, life just happens.  You know when life just happens?  Does it just happen to you?  I have found myself in the midst of the perfect storm of life events.  Nothing life threatening, nothing so awful you want to cringe. For this I am grateful. But I have been caught up in a whirlwind of massive change, life decisions, family events both good and sad. It's left me with NO time or energy to pursue my usual outlets: running, crafting, blogging, writing. 
But, today marks the day that I am back.  Well, okay, not back but on the upswing.
Baby steps.

See my husband and I finally bought a house after a long period of renting in Chicago. 
And I am ready to commit to home ownership and use it as an excuse to be creative.
And create a home for my family. For my children.
Because after all the change we've been through, I am keenly aware that FAMILY and HOME are synonymous. 
At least in my world.

So without further ado.... 
Next Monday, I will be the proud owner of this precious abode.

Cute, non?

ANYHOOZLE, the reason I wanted to blog today is because I've never had window boxes before and this house has em.  Can you believe that?
So first on the agenda for the new precious abode is some creative window box-ing.

Thou Shall Covet: WINDOW BOXES

I love seeing a variety of color and sizes, especially the bright greens that hang down low.

Herbs?! Genius. I happen to have a fabulous window in my new kitchen.

I love love love the idea of evergreens. I remember seeing something similar in Georgetown years ago.

My interest is definitely piqued with seasonal decorating. Who says your window boxes have to lay dormant in the winter?  How cute is this!

Now this is interesting, inanimate objects.  Not sure I'd actually do this, though I do love the idea of it. I just wonder how much you could see from the curb?

What do you think? Do you window box?
Do you have any favorites that you've pinned?  If so, do let me know!
Oh yeah, and thanks for listening. 
I'm looking forward to sharing my creative pursuits in my new home. 



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