September 7, 2012

Clinkety Clink Clink: A History of the Three Sisterz Virtual Happy Hour

It's raining today in the Chicagoland area. Not cold, a lil hot, but rainy.  Date night was supposed to be an outdoor Yo Yo Ma concert but we are going with Plan B and meeting some friends for dinner.  I'm excited about it.  But in my dream world, I'd be in black yoga pants on Court's couch in Paoli surrounded by:  Colleen, Bridget, Maeve, my Eleanor, Mary Larkin, Ginger and Coleman and Eamonn.  I would be looking forward to whatever concoction Andy would be making us.  (sidenote: Andy is Court's husband.  Great cook.  Hilarious personality.) I would be wishing Garland was there because more likely then not, he'd be off somewhere working hard, punching numbers, reading the Economist.   But I'd just be happy to be with our families. And not so far away.

Those nights when we are together, we're usually toasting each other with some Yuengling for me (can't get it in Chicago-whatsthatabout?), maybe some chips and salsa or end of summer tomatoes sprinkled with salt.  There is usually a lot of laughing, a lot of music--with Court getting irritated with Andy's Coldplay or Ben Folds Five Pandora station, begging for Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato or something like that.  I'm usually begging the group to decide on our late night movie: Will it be Anchorman or 40 Year Old Virgin?  No seriously, which one this time, Mols??

Alas, with my move to Chicago, this is all way more infrequent then any of us would like so we settle for Friday night virtual 'Clinks.' Usually on Facebook, sometimes by text.  Somebody will start with a picture of their beverage, a 'Clinkety Clink Clink' tag line, and then we all start chiming in.  Sometimes there is witty banter.  Sometimes not. Most of the time, though, there is wistfulness that we are not all physically together.

Sisters are a funny thing. I don't have to talk with them every day to know that they are there. I might not know their daily ins and outs but I do know them at their core and they know me.  They know as best as anyone, my faults, my weaknesses and hopefully my strengths. We fight, we annoy each other and get on each other's nerves at times. But we love, we support and we treasure each other. Some days better then others but we do.

So if you are my friend on Facebook and you think I am a raging alcoholic because so many Friday nights I can be seen clinking my beverage, please take note, that I am sending my sisters a virtual hug via the In-tor-net. And don't judge, k?  Just chime in on a clink with us instead.



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