September 1, 2012

::Did Someone Say Butter Sculpture?::

Wondering what the Three Sisterz 
are up to this weekend?
Of course you're wondering.

Molly's headed to upstate NY this 
weekend to visit family and 
they will be attending the 

The fair is enormous and includes
Celebrity Appearances from Teresa Guidice,
hot dog (daschund) races, petting zoos and 
of course, food.
 In the Dairy Princess Booth there will
be butter sculptures. 
Yes, that's right.  Buttah. 
That someone sculpts.
And "...blocks of cheese carved into artwork
before your eyes."
I think I gained 10lbs. just thinking 
about that.
Molly, please take pictures and report back 
any food products that you happen upon.

On a healthier note, Flannery will be a 
Rich Girl in Chicago
and go One on One with her 
husband to see these fellas.
We grew up listening to them, Fleetwood Mac 
and Cat Stevens.  Good memories.

And me?
Nothing as exciting as my sisters' plans but
I kicked off the weekend with 
a little of this: 

and I'm hoping to paint the 
dining room Coventry Gray
and a picnic with friends on Sunday.

Happy Labor Day, friends!


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