March 15, 2013

::The Three of Us::

I was cleaning out some cabinets as I often never do and I came across a picture from Molly's wedding in 2008.  I probably have a digital copy of this somewhere but let's make do with a picture of the picture, shall we?  It's a lot easier that way and I have a ton more housework  sewing  Real Housewives tv watching to do.

So anyhoo, Molly was totes looking gorge in this picture, Flannery was laughing and smiling and apparently I was singing along with the band.  I look like I'm literally looking AT THE BAND and singing with them like I know them.  I mean, look at my eye contact for cryin' out loud.  (In my next life, I'm coming back as Stevie Nicks with billowy clothes, a tambourine, ribbons on my microphone and singing "Whenever I Call You 'Friend' with Kenny Loggins.  But that's a whole 'nother post)

This is such a telling picture... because Molly ALWAYS looks gorgeous (so say me and Flann),  Flannery is ALWAYS laughing and smiling because she's got the best sense of humor, and me? well, I'm usually doing something ridiculous and goofy.

Here's more proof if you don't believe me:

In this pic, Molly is IN LABOR and on her way to the hospital.  How cute is she?  Who looks this cute while IN LABOR?  Did I mention she was IN LABOR!?  And just stopped to talk to a little pup from next door.

Molly, looking pretty as ever, with her little nugget, Eamonn.

And here again on her wedding day.  Beautiful.  She had hot pink wedding shoes and a birdcage veil.  Just stunning.

Here's Flannery with her sweet, Ginger.  Always, always, always with a smile.

Flannery smiling at the pool.

Classic Flannery.  Laughing.  Telling a funny story and when she's really, really laughing, she always points her hand out like that during the punch line.

And last but not least, much to my embarrassment, the proof that I end up doing something ridiculous when near a camera.

Like the time I met Ann Curry on national television.

Like the time I was singing along with/stealing a tie from/flirting with the lead singer of another wedding band.  
(And no, my hubs is not worried that I'm going to run off with any lead singer.  In fact, he thinks it's quite hysterical and he TOOK this picture because he wanted to preserve my ridiculousness for all eternity.)

Or just like when I'm at home.

Hmmm, wonder what kind of pictures we'll take next week when we're all together?!


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