March 12, 2013

::Virtual Quilting Bee::

I joined a virtual quilting bee.  My first one evah!  And I picked an awesome one for a newbie like me to do.  I've always wanted to join a 'bee' but was hesitant and unsure but this one is too good to pass up.  I'm totes confident I can do this.  Amy of Diary of a Quilter has started this one and so far it's been awesome.  I haven't even made anything yet, but that's beside the point.  Ha.

I trust Amy to guide me through the process~ her blog is the best around, plus I met her at Sewing Summit '12 last fall and she's sweet as pie.  I like to think I can call her a bloggy *friend* but not sure she even remembers me.  I'll have to ask her in September during SS '13.  'Cause I will be stalking her, for sure.

me with my friend Amy!

Want to know all about the Amy's Virtual Quilting Bee?  Go here to get the deets.

Want to get the information about Block 1?  Go here.

Want to get the actual tutorial for Block 1?  Go here.

Want to see blocks that the VQB members have made?  Go here.  I love seeing all the blocks that people have started.

Virtual Quilting Bee

I'm at step one, picking out fabric and here's what I've pulled.  Gray, lime green, yellow, turquoise/teal blue, orangey red and some pink.  What do you think?  I seriously need opinions, people.  No seriously.  Please jump in with your two cents.  

Wish me luck.  I'm off to make Block 1!


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