December 1, 2009

I am in lurve.....

Here is the final result of a year-long project.  I had an old rug of our grandmother's that was poorly patched so not good enough for the floors.  Instead, with the creative help of our mother, I decided to turn it into an upholstered ottoman.  I had it cleaned, holes re-woven, frame built and upholstered.

What do I love most about my new ottoman?  Let me see.....  It's an heirloom piece, a constant reminder of our grandmother.  It has wonderful legs salvaged from an old coffee table.  My upholsterer did a painstaking job of lining up the pattern so that it appeared symmetrical on all sides.  It is sturdy as a rock so it can be used for seating.  And finally, and my husband loves's hard to get this particular husband to "love" a piece of furniture.


Sincerely said...

That is potentially the prettiest ottoman I've ever seen! I'm a big sentimental softy, so the idea of using your grandmother's rug really appeals to me.

So perfect... I think I need to go to my grandma's soon!


Fussy Monkey Business said...

What a great way to remember your grandmother. Beautiful job. You have a great upholsterer:o) Isn't it wonderful when your husband actually likes something that you make;o)

Sarah at Finishing Touch Interiors said...

Wow it looks amazing what a great job! Im about to attempt to upholster an old childrens chair I had as a little girl. Never done anything like this its a bit daunting, pop over to my blog I have a picture post of it, id love to hear what you think & get some advice. Im so scared Im going to get it all wrong but excited to give it a try!!

Flannery Buchanan said...

Thank you ladies! It is so nice that I think of my grandmother every time I walk in my living room. It is hands down my favorite piece of furniture. I also had a mahogany wood tray made to go with it so that I can put drinks and what not down. I'll take some pics and post!

Thanks for stopping by!

Nana Moon Shop said...

Stunning! What a great wa to use a family treasure.