December 8, 2009


The TREADMILL is coming!! The TREADMILL is coming!! Our delivery time window is 11-1 and I ain't leavin' the house 'til it gets here. I'm hoping it is all put together and rarin' to go. All they have to do is put it in it's designated spot and I am a walkin'. No more excuses. No more looking for someone to watch the baby (yeah, I know she's 2 and a half), no more saying it's too cold outside. I am officially out of excuses to go for a walk/run. I was always a treadmill snob. Didn't like how it felt on my knees, didn't like being cooped up inside... blah, blah, blah. But guess what? I got 3 kids and I'm sooooo not the disciplined type to get up at 5 am especially in the winter. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm hoping that we didn't just pay for a very expensive clothes hanger upper. I'm hoping that when I walk in this room and I see the sewing machine on the left and the treadmill on the right that I sometimes, often times, veer toward the right. I need this. Just as much as I need the sewing. I need a little bit of both to feel good about myself. And I need to get this "baby weight" off. Like I said, she's 2 and a half.