December 13, 2009

Whatta Day, Whatta Day

Oh man, whatta day. It started out with a light drizzle this morning, turned into a torrential downpour and now is finishing off with another light drizzle. The kids are going bonkers. They have been so cooped up lately and just kinda lost it today. The 2 year old has been a nightmare, throwing glass bowls (from Anthropologie no less), hitting friends, harassing the dog. He finally nipped her on the arm after she pulled on his tail one too many times. He's been patiently putting up with her for weeks. With tears running down her face she says, "No bite me, Guinness. No bite me." When I ask her, "Why did he bite you?" Her face lights up with a smile and she screeches, "I pull his tail!!" and then proceeds with a naughty, haughty screeching laugh.

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