January 14, 2010

a gift

People often assume that my job as an oncology nurse is depressing.  And although there are days when I just want to cry & throw in the towel, my job is in fact, the complete opposite.  I meet the most amazing people, especially patients and their family members and friends.  I have become close to one patient in particular, who is undergoing treatment for lung cancer.  She is the spunkiest, sweetest woman & she knits and crochets to pass the time during her chemo infusions.  In between all of her chemo infusions, doctor's appointments and hospitalizations (pneumonia), she managed to make this beautiful scarf...just for me.  I was completely blown away when she gave it to me yesterday.

The pictures don't do the scarf justice!  It's the perfect shade of lavender and it's SO soft.   I think I'm going to make her a bracelet in return...

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Elizabeth said...

That is so sweet and touching! You will cherish that forever. It's beautiful.