January 14, 2010

Babies and Magazines

January is turning out to be a busy month. Two of the sisters are arranging, cleaning, decorating nurseries. I'm experiencing sympathy nesting. I've been cleaning out closets, getting rid of old clothes and toys. I cleaned up my crafting and sewing area to prepare for all my *new* fabric and ribbon. The end of the month is going to be even busier. Flannery is due with her little girl on the 25th. Another sister for her Little Ladies. That will bring the count to 6 daughters between the two of us! I'm hoping to head up to Massachusetts on the train with my youngest as soon as she goes into labor. Molly, pregnant with her first, finds out what she is having this month! Hard to imagine that her little bean is a boy, but you never know!!

And... one of the sisters is... going to be published in a magazine!! Can't tell ya who or what it's about. Can't tell ya which magazine either. We are planning a *special* post for the day the magazine comes out!!!

I canNOT wait to share all the details!

Stay tuned!

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