January 4, 2010

Nursery Makeover

Well, I never thought I'd do this, but my love for all things aqua and red have inspired me (or shall I say involuntarily pushed me by way of my OCD) into a nursery makeover.  My makeover will be not be a large one and it will take me some time since I am slow (37 weeks pregnant is tough!) and a commitment-phobe when making purchases for my house!

I've started out with new white sailcloth blackout curtains from Pottery Barn Kids that I am going to embellish with Cath Kidston material in some form or fashion.  I have been coveting (and ok, obsessing over) Ms. Kidston's fabric for months now and have finally made the leap to buy some!  Here are two swatches of just a few that I've purchased:

I think what I will do, is make a flag style garland that I will either iron or sew on to the white curtains.  Here is the inspiration for this:

Not sure where I'll put it on the curtains (inner seam, along the top)--suggestions?!

Before I end the post, can I also just sneak in my new closet organizers that Courtenay "all-things-etsy" Homan turned me onto?!  Where were these thigamagigs two years ago?!  I purchased the 0-24 months and also the 2T-6 for the big girls room.

So that's where I am so far.  Next decisions: paint for the walls (which may send the hubs to an early grave when he finds out we are painting) AND bedding.  Hmm....  I haven't found any bedding that I LOVE so it could be the all white route with accent pillows.

And with that, I am going to go and put my feet up with a mug of hot apple cider and sit with my two beautiful, darling girls while they (and I) watch Up! for the 100th time this week.  I love my life.  And I will love it even more when Miss Thing makes her appearance.  Three more weeks, people.

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