January 3, 2010

You Tube and Crochet

One of my new projects for this year is to learn how to crochet. My grandmothers made beautiful granny square blankets and I use to lay in bed and trace my fingers over the circles and squares looking at the color combinations that they chose. Since I love playing with colors and looking at color combinations in fabrics and ribbons, I thought this would be another way to satisfy my interest. Also, it is a great craft that I can do from the comfort of my cozy chair surrounded my family in the family room. My other projects take me upstairs to my sewing room away from the hubby and kids which can be good when I'm in the mood for quiet time.

Since I don't have my mom, aunt, cousin, or grandmother close by to help me learn to crochet and I don't have any friends who do this I started using a beginner book. It seemed so easy to look at the pictures and follow along but when I got started... forget it! Well, welcome to the year 2010, Courtenay. Hello!!??!? Get on the internet and surely there will be something helpful. Aaaahhhh. The joys of YouTube. I found this girl, who is easy to understand and shows great close ups of her work.

I am now on the road to getting a good ol' scarf started.

Wanna join me? Here's how I've begun. Let me know if you start, too!

1. Acquire crochet needle. I chose a "J" size. Not too big. Not too little.

2. Choose yarn. I chose a pretty, green, organic type cottony yarn that seemed soft and unlikely to split into separate threads and confuse me.

3. Learn to make a slip knot.

4. Learn how to make a chain stitch. And then practice.

5. Learn how to single crochet.

That's my progress so far. Here's a link to my new YouTube friend.


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Mary Theresa said...

Court, my mom has a beautiful book that shows all of the basic and more advanced stitches in color. I will ask her again what it's called because I want to order one too.

My biggest problem with crochet is the tension. I make my stitches way too tight and my left hand cramps up.

(p.s. We need to have a sewing retreat)