December 7, 2010

Some More Finds: Vintage Frames

It's time for another finds post.  Should we have an official name for our finds posts?  If you have any suggestions, let us know.

I've been inspired by the ways people have been using frames, both new and vintage, to decorate their homes--and not just for pictures!  Take a look at what I've done.

These were frames I picked up at Home Goods because I thought they were pretty.  I do love mirrors and I have them all over my house--makes it brighter and lighter when the sun is going down at 3:30 here in New England (oy)!  For these, I simply took measurements of the glass to a glass store and had them cut me mirrors to match.  Popped the mirror in there you go!  Mirror is very inexpensive so a great way to decorate thriftily!  (And never mind the Halloween decorations--though, if you like them, I received them from Sassy Sadie Lee.)

For this project, I used a large vintage frame I picked up from Court's basement.  She had thrifted a large stash from an artist in her neighborhood.  This one was in good shape and was big enough for this particular project.  Took it home, washed it and purchased a piece of plywood and cut it to fit.  Painted it with a couple of coats of chalkboard paint and then used small nails to hold it in.  It sits in my eat in kitchen.  I use it to post the evening's menu, say Merry Christmas, or teach the girls to read while they eat dinner.  

Now, here are some great finds from around blogland using vintage frames.  

One of my favorites is And Then There Was Home's use of leftover fabric.  Isn't that awesome?  Especially if you don't have a proper bed but want to create the illusion of a headboard.

I'm all about coastal inspired design so these frames by Trash to Treasure are definitely a project on my to do list.  Don't you love that color blue?

And of course, you can always turn a frame into a magnetic or bulletin board.  Check out some of ShugabeeLane's magnetic boards on Etsy!  I really love this black one!!

Happy thrifting folks!  Let us know what other fun ideas you have for using frames.

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Courtenay Homan said...

Thanks for making my framed chalkboard!