January 14, 2011

Finds: For the librarian in me (and you)

This week's finds are a direct result of Molly's positive peer pressure.  See, I'm a librarian by training (and at the risk of sounding geeky, by passion).  But the three little knuckleheads I call daughters are the reason I stay home and blog instead.  Now Molly has been on me for weeks now to do a finds post on all the cool, hip librarian-ish stuff out there on Etsy.  So, I finally decided to take a gander and holy cow. There is some COOL stuff for the book centric.  Take a look at what I found!

First, you have to have a librarian charm bracelet made of old typewriter keys.  
Should be in every librarian job descrip, yes?  Check out ALikelyStory's shop--tons of cool jewelry.

Hair accessories made out of book pages! Seriously?  I could wear these to work.  (Or just at home when I am feeling bookish.)
Check out 
authorish's shop on etsy.

Gotta take notes, right?  Old check out slips make for a fun way to jot down my favorite blogs or my grocery list.
Crabappledesigns on etsy, folks!

You could do some serious shhhhhh-ing in the library in this one, yes?  Love it.
No shame in bringing the retro to the party.
Courtesy of 
RiRiFisch on etsy.
I've always wanted one of these in my house because a) i'm short and b) they're straight out of the library.  Even Crate and Barrel thinks they are cool.
When I had my first, Eleanor, my cousins threw me a baby shower where you were asked to bring a book for baby's library.  I thought it was the sweetest idea.
invitations are perfect for that type of shower!

And finally, somewhere out there on CraigsList or in a dusty old warehouse there is a library card catalog with my name on it.  I will hold DVD's, our Wii, all of my jewelry, whatever, something in it.  In the meantime, I could always go with this repro from Target.

Are you inspired by the library or is just me?


Allison said...

I love libraries. I have such fond memories of sitting in our town library after school, immersing myself in every book I could get my hands on. Incidentally, I threw a book shower for my SIL's third--it was lovely. Each guest was asked to write a sweet note to my new little nephew in the book!

Tyla said...

I am in my 18th year teaching and this is my 10th as a librarian. Welcome to the trade! I am your newest follower. Stop by and "visit" with me sometime.