January 25, 2011

New in the Studio

Here's what's new in the studio:

Valentine burp cloths with large heart that goes on the front of your shoulder

and a slightly smaller heart that goes on the back of your shoulder

Colleen modeling the burp cloth, wishing she could be holding baby Coleman or baby Ginger.

from the back

We won't be listing these on Etsy just yet--saving for some shows we've got goin' on.  But, as always, if you see something you like let us know and we can surely help you out!


Allison said...

Um, why does Colleen look like she's 18?? My goodness--she looks like she grew up so much since the last time I saw her! And gorgeous burp cloths, BTW. ;-)

The British Homemaker said...

These are so pretty! I either need a baby or I need an alternative use for some!! lol