January 26, 2011

Thou Shall Covet: Moroccan Prints & Patterns

I'm LOVING all the moroccan inspired prints and patterns that are popping up everywhere these days. I think I need to encorporate some of these into my home STAT. Here are some of my favorites...

A couple of these Lattice Pillows from Willa Skye on Etsy would look perfect on the cream couch in our family room.

I would love to swap out the current striped rug in our family room for the Soho Dhurri Rug from Shades of Light. Only problem is, which color would I choose!?

I think one of my favorite color combos is turquoise and lime green. The Casablanca Bedding by Dwell Studio at Target would be ideal for a guest room OR a beach house. (Note to self: Buy a beach house.)

All of the Moroccan Stencils from Royal Design Stencils on Etsy make me swoon. There are SO many things you could do with these stencils - you're not just limited to walls! My two favorites:

Marrakesh Allover Trellis Stencil

Eastern Lattice Stencil

And finally, Dani Notes Stationary on Etsy has the most adorable monogrammed plates & platters. Check out the Melamine Trellis Plate & Platter:

Oh & if you're in the market for a new iPhone cover, Dani Notes also has THIS:



Flannery Buchanan said...

OMG, nice finds! I'll take them all! Maybe I need one of those rugs for my tv room, too! Sooo fun! And I'll take the ipod cover:)

Lisa said...

These are really cute! I would have never thought I'd like these prints, but they're really growing on me as I see them more and more. Might be time to get something for the house! : )

Allison said...

Looooove that rug!