April 1, 2011

New Camera & Some Big Lovin'

A few developments here in Three Sisterz land......

First, holllaaaaa to my (Flannie Annie) new camera!

Take my picture, Mom!

Should I be disturbed that she wants to model for me AND take "Justin Bieber singing lessons"? 
**When asked to clarify what those are, she just said, "I want to learn how to sing Justin Bieber."

The second development in Three Sisterz land is that we are all hunkered down at Court's in Paoli while my crew and I are in between homes (Mass-->Chicago).  We're excited for our B.I.G. move, but enjoying the lack of routine (oy), overall laziness of extended visiting with relatives.  Next stop?  Mimi and Pops and hopefully Molly's!  

But in the meantime.....we are appliquing shirts to keep the girls busy.  They pick a shirt, shape and fabric and Court sews.

We are stacking crayons.

Or is it a crayon tower?

We're doing some cuddling with our cousins.

And some gazing into each other's eyes.  There may be some handholding, too.

Hope you have a great weekend, too, folks and don't let the April 1 snow get ya down!

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