April 4, 2011

Easter Subway Art

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen my post about a new blog I stumbled upon~ a set of three sisters~ eighteen25. Not only is it a darling blog, but they also GIVE. AWAY. their own awesome artwork for FREE! And they suggest you download it to Costco Photo Center online to have it printed out. GENIUS! (Never knew that fast and convenient idea, but will be doing it more often!) I ordered it this morning and picked it up at noon and my daughters' love it! And so do I!

Look how cute it is!
Go here to find it!

I picked up the 16x20 print and an 8x10 print for only $7.93 (the smaller print is for Molly~ sorry Flannery, you're gonna have to wait til you move into your new place).

Then I ran to JoAnn's ~they're having a sale~ the 16x20 frame was $14.99.

Pretty great deal, don'tcha think?

I love the black frame but the print would be ADORABLE in a white, bright pink or teal frame too.

Thanks ladies of eighteen25!

***now I just have to refrain
from ordering
every other print
these girls have made***


jamie@eighteen25 said...

Thanks for linking to us. I like the black frame, but totally agree with you on how fun a colored frame would be. hmm...
p.s. i enjoyed reading about you three, the oldest in our bunch thinks she's the wisest too. ;) haha. (i'm in the middle)

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

this is adorable! Will have to check them out :)