April 7, 2011

::TUTORIAL:: Drop Cloth Pillow with Grosgrain Ribbon Ties

We are so excited to be guest posting for Tracie over @ Cleverly Inspired today! We love Tracie's work and are honored to be filling in while she is on spring break. Today we're going to show you how we made this super easy, super cute drop cloth pillow.

This pillow was originally part of my bedroom re-do that we did a few weeks back. Court loved them so much that we decided to recreate one for her family room.


--painter's drop cloth (Home Depot--6x9 was about $10)
--painter's tape
--fabric paint (we got ours @ Michael's)
--paint brush
--12" x 16" pillow insert (we got ours @ Jo-Ann's)
--4 pieces of grosgrain ribbon, cut to 13" long

This project involves three steps: Prep Work, Painting & Sewing.

1. Wash and dry drop cloth to soften it. Iron.
2. Cut a piece that measures approximately 13" x 34".
3. Lay it on a flat surface that is protected since you will be painting.

1. Cut three pieces of painter's tape that are all roughly 16 inches long.
2. On one side, measure in four inches. Lay one piece of tape from top to bottom and press to secure it to flat surface. The paint does tend to bleed a little bit, but we liked that that gave it an imperfect, vintage feel.

3. Measure in one inch and lay second piece of tape. Press to secure.

4. Measure in another one inch and lay third piece of tape. Press to secure.
**We added two more pieces of tape, but you can stop at 3.**

5. Paint between pieces of tape. Remove tape immediately.

6. Allow four hours to dry before sewing. Allow another 72 hours before washing.

The sewing of this project involves hemming the edges, attaching four ribbon ties and sewing pillow sides together.

1. Start on the end of the cloth that is closest to the paint stripes. Fold in 1/2" and iron.

2. Fold in another 1/2" and iron.

3. Place one grosgrain ribbon strip three inches from the edge of cloth along the ironed hem and pin place.

Repeat on the other edge.

4. Sew the hem closed using 1/4" seam making sure to include ribbon ties.

Feel free to sew a second stitch across ribbons to secure even more.

5. Repeat steps 1-5 on the other short end so that both short ends now have a finished hem with ribbons/ties attached.

6. Fold cloth right sides together lining up short ends and ribbons.

7. Pin the long sides together and sew a 1/4" seam taking care to backstitch at start and end.

8. Do a zig zag stitch to avoid fraying.

9. Turn pillow case right side out. Insert pillow form and tie ribbons closed.
*Use fray check to ends of ribbon to avoid fraying.*


Super cute, right? It is cute on its own or paired with other pillows!

Here is the little red striped one Molly & I made for the bedroom re-do.

It is such an easy, simple pillow to make and so versatile. You could make different sizes, applique it, make with fabric, etc. The options are endless!


Anonymous said...

Cute Pillow! Love this!

Flannery Buchanan said...

thank you!!