April 8, 2011

::TIP:: Non-Skid Rug Backing

I always learn something new when I visit my mom. You know when you peruse the aisles at Michael's, Jo-Ann's or even Lowe's and you wonder who in the hay would know what to do with even a quarter of what they carry? Well, that would be our mother, Mimi. She is incredibly, unfairly, superbly handy and if I had half of the knowledge of crafting, furniture refinishing, lamp making, etc., I'd be a very happy woman. But, alas, I have to rely on our very infrequent visits.

So, here's your first Mimi Tip. You know that welcome mat you have just inside your front door? Want it to stay put and not slip and slide around?

Enter.......Safety Back Non-Skid Rug Backing.

Apply to the back of your rug with a foam applicator brush.

Handy, no? I'll work on mining her for more tips.....k?

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