April 11, 2011


Q U I L T i n P R O G R E S S

washed. check
dried. check
ironed. check
now, the cutting has begun.
the fun part.

go here to see what i'm working on
and here to see where YOU can get it.

i've edited my fabric stash about a kabillion times and
i'm still undecided about which fabrics i'm going
to use. i picked two of my favorites that i'm
100% positive about and i started cutting.

i keep adding yellows to my stash, but i'm not
really a yellow kinda girl.
i like blues, greens and pinks with a dash of
red, black, turquoise.
i know i'll be happy if i stick with those colors.

also, i'm wondering...
how often should i repeat a fabric?
should i repeat at all?
Rita has suggestions, of course, but
nothing is set in stone...

oh, and i found this blogger, Amy Smart and I'm
reading all the posts in her series.
wow! love it!

next in line are these cuties

these are in the maybe pile

i'm pretty sure these are going to be in there

maybe one or two of these

these will most likely be included

P.S. a lot of people ask how i find the time to
sew or blog. funny you should ask 'cause i'm
always searching for spare time.
little bits of time here and there.
having a passion for hobbies runs in my family
and i'm so glad i finally found my passion
and i am so very fortunate that my passion
includes my sisters.

what's your passion? do you know?
have you found it?
are you still searching for it?

1 comment:

amy smart said...

Courtenay - Thank you so much for the shout out! I'm excited for your new project - I love picking fabrics for a new quilt. :) I'd love to see what you end up using and making - please keep me posted!!

Amy (Good luck tracking down some DS too! :)