May 11, 2011

Arghh!!!!! Watch out for the Plush Monsters!

My Eleanor is taking an art/sewing class at this super cool place here in Chi called LillStreet.  We love, we love, we love.  This class she is taking is focused on 'plush monsters.' What's with the whole Ugly Doll thing anyway?  

So obviously, this is not a tutorial.  Think of it more as an inspiration on what you could do with your kiddos and stuff you probably already have in your craft closet.  

When Eleanor arrives at class every week, the teacher has a basket full of felt shapes already sewn, leaving a small gap to create a pocket.  The kids stuff the shapes and then they staple or hand sew them closed.  After that, they adorn these cute guys!  

This is Mary Larkin--Eleanor gifted her the purple guy.  She was quite pleased.

This guy here is "Pillowhead." 

This is his friend "Sweetie Bone."
My personal fave.

From L to R: Featherhead, Hula Lady, and Button.

This pair here is Feather Lady Love and One Eye Love.
(Mom, one of his eyes fell off but don't laugh, k?)

The guy with the big black fuzz ball is Daddy Garland (??) and his little baby Rosie.
Not sure why daddy has a namesake plush monster, but I keep telling Gar to take it as a compliment.

Here she is setting our photoshoot.

Eleanor wanted me to tell y'all that "LillStreet is fun.  It's the best thing ever in the whole wide world!"  That's quite an endorsement.  Now don't you think these monsters would be great on a rainy day this summer?!

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