May 8, 2011

Some new inspiration

With a move to a new city, comes new exploration.  It's one of the things I love most about moving.  I mean, not that I like moving, but well, living in a new city is always exciting.  Since we arrived in Chicago last weekend, the girls and I have hit the ground running.  We begin most days with some unpacking and then follow it up with some fun.  This past week's highlight was the Garfield Park Conservatory, a FREE indoor greenhouse.

We were blown away by the flowers.

The spectacular colors..

August on the Cape comes early...

Look at this yellow.

This koi pond with glass sculptures was so peaceful and serene. 

And of course, I can't forget to show off our new house.  
You know how sometimes a decision feels like fate, 
like you were meant to go a certain way?  
Our decision to move to Chicago was only solidified by the 
PEONY bush in our new backyard.
I can.not wait for it to bloom.

And the purple azaleas aren't bad either.

And here she is, our first rental as a married couple.  
(Tee hee, we are lovin' non-home ownership.)

Comes with a cute pint-sized bench, too.  
Poifect for three little pint sized ladies.

Look for more posts on exploring Chi-town.  I'm looking for new creative inspiration and it begins with a digital photography class in June.  Will keep you posted!

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