June 22, 2011

::FREE Download:: July 4th Subway Art

One day there was a girl and she had a neighbor. This girl loved to craft and sew and blog with her neighbor. But then her neighbor moved away, got a REAL job and stopped blogging. Sad was the day. And the girl moved even farther away and so they no longer hung out crafting, sewing and blogging.

And then one day the girl was missing her friend. And she remembered the adorable invitations her friend had made for her daughter's birthday. And she thought, they are so cute, why can't she make some subway art inspired by those invites? And so she emailed her friend and asked and her friend obliged, going above and beyond as usual.

And now, the girl has a fun summertime reminder of her dear old friend.

And you can, too.

Just click on the links below, download and print out (or save as a .jpg and send to Costco or Walgreen's).
There are three different prints, each size 8x10.
I printed mine on matte photo paper but glossy would do just fine, too.
And a sweet frame from Target does the trick.
A white frame would probably be even cuter.
And when you are done, go leave Vintage Pollyanna a message and tell her we miss her.
Oh, and go visit the ladies over at Eighteen25 who inspire us daily with their subway art.


1 comment:

Allison said...

Flan, I do miss you SO MUCH and I think last summer was one of the VERY BEST I have ever had, truly. Thanks for thinking of me--it was FUN!