June 14, 2011


It's been a rough 2 days here in PA. I've been so sick. Like, I can't get out of bed sick. Like, cancel everything and sleep all day while my little one watches 'toons all day sick. (Oh, the guilt!) Thankfully my girls have been so good, bringing me gatorade and rubbing my back. I even got a kiss on the forehead and a "Call me if you need anything, Mama."

The other things I'm thankful for? 1. That I got a pedicure on Friday with my friend, Maureen. And 2. I ordered these bad boys last week and they were delivered just as my illness was coming on. So while I'm still sluggish, laying in bed and wearing ratty old clothes, I've been wearing these and looking at my feet. I like that they make me tall and if you're going to pray to the porcelain goddess, why not do it in style?

And in other news? I had a mini fabric swap with my friend, Maura. She happens to love polka dots like I do and loves Amy Butler just as much as I do. Here's a few pieces that she generously shared with me.

And I showed her my blocks from the quilt I've been working on. What do you think of them? There's one that I'm not crazy about. Can you guess which one?

It's this one down below. I don't really care for the red and the large white circles.
Should I keep it in there? It won't be so noticeable once the quilt top is put together, right? Should I only have fabric that I really, really like?

I have to confess too that I made a little, itty bitty mistake with the first 10 blocks. I didn't cut the fabric accurately. And, um, well, I forgot to change my foot to the quarter inch foot... sooo my seams are off and well that just makes for some messed up blocks. It's about enough to make a girl give up!

But I will continue to plug along. And I'll continue to read blogs of quilters who finish a quilt in a afternoon/day/weekend and pretend not to be jealous.


Flannery @ Three Sisterz said...

the one you don't like is my favorite! probably b/c there is red in them.

and where'd you get the shoes????

Colleen said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes. I plan to come back no taller than 5'8" in my next life so that I can wear them! ;) Hope you feel better soon!