July 19, 2011

Scenes From My Walk

So I traveled all the way from Philly to Chicago to visit Flannery and her family, plus my husband's 4 sisters. Took a total of 12.5 hours and one overnight with my 3 girls. Sounds awful to be the only driver (stuck in the car with 3 children who usually fight while running errands around town) but it's not as bad as it sounds and was actual quite pleasant. As soon as we got to her cute little neighborhood in Chi Town, I wanted to stretch my legs and explore! The only problemo was that I left one essential piece of equipment in PA. My running bra. So, yup, it was def a walk and NOT a run.

And I must say, while my usual jaunts around my hometown are much more 'country' with horses and such, there are definitely many beautiful sights in this urban area.

So here we go...

chicken wire! i love chicken wire anyway... the shape and the daintyness of it, but hello?!!? in a city? lined up against a white picket fence? so cute. i love that someone took the time to add this. i wonder if it serves a purpose~ there were no chickens in the immediate area!~ or just for prettyness? i may have to add this to my own picket fence.

City cottages
with tiny lots
and porches.

funky garden art

great old signs
and Chicago style pizza
of course!

rows and rows of houses

these appear to be new
but built to blend in to the neighborhood

city sidewalks

Old Irving Park Neighborhood

funky and creepy wig store

love the old sign

The Irving Hotel

would love to have seen it back in the day
all lit up

Wow. Free office job, huh?

shabby old fence

i love looking at these homes
and have made this walk
several times

it's been nice to take a walk
and find the beauty
in the city streets.

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Lizard Rae said...

Love the pics of this walk - reminds me of my days in the midwest!