July 14, 2011

This is how we roll....

.....when we are all together.

First.  We have a dance party.

We crank up Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Adele, and Pink.  

Then we just plain be thrilled we're dance party-ing with our most favorite people in the whole world.

And sometimes we act like we're a 14 year old singing/dancing phenom, not a little four year old.

And when we're tired of dancing, we go do fun stuff like take a trip to the zoo.

Where we *finally* see the polar bear swimming.  Doesn't he look so vicious cute?

And nothing beats showing our friends & fam the skyline.  So exciting, isn't it?

But even more exciting is torturing our little sister with a Justin Bieber "phone call" (a.k.a., the big girls down in the basement on another phone.)

Seriously.  It's that fun.

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