August 10, 2011

::TUTORIAL:: Fabric Bangle

I've decided that I need to accessorize more.  Most days, I just wear my wedding/engagement rings, a pair of stud earrings, & a charm bracelet given to me by my husband.  Classic, but nothing too exciting.  I always admire the girls who wear scarves, cocktail rings, fun necklaces & stacked bangles.  

And speaking of stacked bangles...

Aren't they pretty?!  Here's how to make your own...

Glue gun
Scissors or rotary cutter

Cut a thin strip of fabric.  I cut mine to be about 1/4-1/2 inch wide.  But, feel free to play around with the thickness of the strips.  It doesn't matter how long the strips are, but the longer, the better!

Before you start, run your fingers along the edges of the fabric to give it the frayed look.  It's supposed to look a little imperfect! ;)

Start by putting a small, thin strip of glue on the inside of the bangle.  Press your fabric end onto the glue. 

Next, start wrapping the fabric strip around the bangle.  Make sure you overlap the fabric so you can't see any of the bangle!  I put a small, thin strip of glue on the bangle every other time I wrapped it around.  

Keep wrapping until the bangle is covered.  When you are done, glue the fabric end on the inside of the bangle, so you don't see it.  If you need multiple strips, just start each strip by gluing the end on the inside (like we did with the first strip) - make sense?!

And then you're done!

And, if you're like me and you need a little assistance wearing stacked bangles, 
check out these rules.  :)


MC Wickham said...

I am totally going to try this! SO cute.

Lacee said...

LOVE this idea! So simple yet SO cute! Pinned this to my Pinterest board so I'll remember to make one! Thank you for sharing. I'm your newest follower. Come visit me at Mommas Like Me :)

Flannery @ Three Sisterz said...

Thanks ladies!!!!! Lacee--how much do you love PInterest?! We'll totally check out your blog.

Margie said...

Now that is fun. I don't accessorize much either, but this is a fun way to make some custom pieces with scraps of my favorite pieces. Epoxy might be a great way to finish them off for longer life.

Molly Hammond said...

@Margie, thanks for the suggestion - i'm going to look into epoxy!

Desiree @ The 36th Avenue said...


I'd love for you to share it at my link party... I hope to see you there!

Sachiko said...

Very pretty! I love the fabrics you chose for the project.

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Hi, Molly! You've got so much creativity and I'm admiring them all. Can you please share your creative posts at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop? Hope to see you there at the party :)

Jen said...

SO pretty! And so easy! I have a feeling I'm going to be making tons of these! :)

Ms. Lemon Puppy said...

Molly you are so creative! I want to be you when I grow up.... teach me your ways! I love these bracelets.