August 12, 2011

Instead of blogging, I've been.......

......seeing the Sights.  The Chicago sights, that is.
We do love our botanical gardens.  Remember previous visits here and here?
Today we went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Ginger is officially a toddler now.  No stroller can contain her.

Eleanor fancies herself a leader, of course.  Map in hand, ready for kindergarten I dare say.

This is my little piece of heaven.  Watching happy girls play.

And looking at flowers through their eyes.

I mean, what's cooler than a spiderweb with water droplets on it?

Okay, maybe a fountain in the middle of a lake.

And Zinnias.

And the way they grow their cherry trees!  Too cool!  

So....all this to say that I got through phases--do you?  I'll go through a few weeks of so much creating that I have a backlog of blog posts.  And then I have weeks where I can't motivate.  I just don't feel like it.  Then I read all of these blogs and they are constantly creating and I think to myself, don't they have these days like I do?  Don't they just feel like sitting on the couch watching Rio with their kids?  (Which, incidentally, is exactly what I'm doing as I type.)

Anyway, next week we're headed east for a big family event and after that, I think I'll get my mojo back.  Because after that......SCHOOL STARTS.  And then, that means I really live in Chicago.  I'm not just on a permanent vacation.

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classic • casual • home said...

You are a busy, creative person! I feel like a slacker sometimes when I read all the great blogs!