November 2, 2011

::Parenting is Hard and More Fabric From Mom::

Hey friends!
Have you recovered from Halloween?
Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving?
This time of year gets so busy
and is just a whirlwind.

We've already had our first case of strep throat here.
It was a long day today because all 3 of my girls
were home sick from school.
Does anyone else find parenting to be so, so hard?
Man, there was bickering and whining and fighting.
I separated them, talked about ways to work things out,
sent them to their rooms, tried to distract them
with things to do and none of it worked.
And then, I lost my cool.
The littlest one got a door slammed
on her fingers.
I yelled. I raised my voice.
And there were tears.
then hugs
then cuddling
and apologies
and I love yous.
I feel awful.
I pray for patience.
I don't always have enough of it
for the people I love most in the world.

Does anyone else have those

I had planned this post to be
pretty pictures of more
vintage fabric
from my mom,
but parenting
got in the way.

Here are the pictures anyway.
I wish I knew more about the
history of fabric,
but they seem pretty
1970's ish to me.
Maybe 1980's too.

Tomorrow is a new day and I'm looking forward to it.


cleverlyinspired said...

Yes! Have had those days too....I usually speak (at the very top of my voice) LORD I NEED PATIENCE NOW PLEASE! When they were little I said it all the much so that now when they have had enough of each other they will scream it to themselves too :) Hope today is better Court :)

Kati said...

Love you Court! You're an amazing parent and a great role model for me :) have a great day tomorrow!

Three Sisterz said...

Thanks girls! I appreciate it so much!